Non-Slip Tape

Coated Abrasive

Features Coated Abrasive

  • Grinding and polishing tools using grain-coated substrates such as paper and cloth.
  • Coated abrasives are used in grinding and polishing applications. One example of a coated abrasive is sandpaper. Noritake’s coated abrasive are used in metal grinding, stone grinding, and recently, in the electronics field as an important tool for polishing. Noritake features a full range of shapes, from flat sheets to looped belts, offset wheels, and Flap Disks fused cutting blades.

Non-Slip Tape

  • Transparent, non-slip tape that you just peel off and apply. It can be used on slippery surfaces such as building entrances and stairs. Ideal for preventing accidents. Transparency helps flooring maintain its appearance.


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