Mega Life Wheel

Verified Bond CBN Wheel

Features Verified Bond CBN Wheel

  • High-performance, long-life tools using CBN grain.
    Taking advantage of CBN, a grinding material with a hardness level close to that of a diamond, these grinding tools are ideal for improving manufacturing productivity. Noritake wheel’s CBN abrasive grain keeps abrasion to a minimum, resulting in highly effective machining. Our wheels are known for having a long lifespan and compatibility with high-speed grinders and automated lines. Noritake CBN grinding wheels can make significant contributions toward reducing the costs of your manufacturing operations.

Mega Life Wheel

  • The MEGA-LIFE WHEEL is a completely new vitrified-bond CBN wheel with extended life. This extremely durable new wheel delivers high efficiency, high quality, and long life, and is ideal for high-load grinding such as cam-lobe profile grinding and contour grinding that demands sustained wheel shape.


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